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Hille von Seggern & Timm Ohrt

Hille von Seggern and Timm Ohrt live in Hamburg.    Studio Urbane Landschaften,    osp-ubanelandschaften,    osp-hh.de

Invitation to an Individual Elbe=Yamuna Expedition in the Elbe Region of Hamburg

Sunday, 9 October & Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hille von Seggern & Timm & Ohrt invite you to start your own expedition from the barge Caesar. Explore a part of the Elbe region with your gaze: I see here the Yamuna river in Delhi.

The results of your expedition in the form of sketches, texts, found objects or anything else become part of an exhibition on the outer walls of the barge.

The event is part of the continuous project "Hamburg’s Urban Landscapes", which Hille von Seggern & Timm Ohrt conceived in collaboration with osp urbanelandschaften, Hamburg for 4 Oct. 2010.

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Conclusions from the two days of the Yamuna=Elbe expeditions:

"Who tries to find the same will find differences":

Water for the Yamuna
Space for the Elbe

Both seems to be impossible:

Is it possible to reduce the water consumption of the industry, agriculture and households, so that the Yamuna gets a chance?

Is it possible to overlay the land right and the right of use with the right of the river in such a way that the Elbe gets a chance?
How many model cases does the Elbe need, and who overlays the images of the Elbe river system?

Can the holyness help the Yamuna?
Can the deep affection for the Elbe help?

Hille von Seggern & Timm Ohrt

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