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Patrick Rieve, Malte Urbschat, Mark Wehrmann

In the exhibition "Free River Zone" on the barge Caesar:
A video installation with two flags from the art action "Rieve, Urbschat, Wehrmann vs. Eventlabs",
which took place in 2002 in the Kaispeicher A, the storage building that later became the base
of the Elbphilharmonie:

72 350 DSC00947.jpg

Rieve, Urbschat, Wehrmann vs. Eventlabs, Kaispeicher A, 2002

Video, two flaggs
In 2002 Rieve Urbschat Wehrmann asked the agency Eventlab, who at that time had the exclusive right to offer the Kaispeicher for different intermediant events, for a Gotcha duel
in the cellar of the building. Then (like now) the plans for the future HafenCity were controversial, and so were events in the area that had the character of a pioneering role. The place of the
Gotcha duel with its battle marks, a poster, a video and two flags were the contribution of Rieve Urbschat Wehrmanns for the exhibition „There is a Place“, which was staged in the
Kaispeicher A in autumn 2002.

72 500 DSC 5102.jpg 72 500 DSC 5810.jpg
The installation at about half time and at the end of the exhibition

72 1010 Detail A DSC 5789.jpg

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72 700 Detail B WerWenKriegt0000.jpg
Aus: Anika Heusermann, Wer wen kriegt „...glaubt nicht, dass der Gegner dümmer ist als Ihr“*,
in: Ready to capture – HafenCity ein urbaner Raum?, tetrapak (Hg.), Berlin 2003

The room installation in Kaispeicher A, 2002:

Photographs by Roman Schramm

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