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Bob Braine

In the exhibition "Free River Zone" on the barge Caesar, September - October 2011:

Hamburg Sand Imaging Group

22 photographs, each 33x48cm (Hamburg Sand Imaging Group I+II, Sand Fish 1-7, Sand Bird 1-5, Hamburg Sand Map 1-8), 2002 Within the context of the project Biological Field Station 2002 Bob Braine took a group of people for a field trip to the terrain of the then future HafenCity (respectively the heart of the not yet thought of “Free River Zone”). At that time the terrain was an area of demolition, a sandy plain between the river and the city, whose level had to be raised because of the storm tides. In this landscape of transition, Bob Braine asked the members of the group to reflect upon three basic, personal imaginations and to draw them into the sand: the image of a fish, the image of a bird, and the image of the city of Hamburg.

72 400 Hamburg Sand Imaging Group 002-b.jpg72 400 Hamburg Sand Imaging Group 001-b.jpg72 400 Sand Fish 001-b.jpg72 400 Sand Fish 002-b.jpg72 400 Sand Fish 003-b.jpg72 400 Sand Fish 004-b.jpg72 400 Sand Fish 005-b.jpg72 400 Sand Fish 006-b.jpg72 400 Sand Fish 007-b.jpg72 400 Sand Bird 001-b.jpg72 400 Sand Bird 002-b.jpg72 400 Sand Bird 003-b.jpg72 400 Sand Bird 004-b.jpg72 400 Sand Bird 005-b.jpg72 400 Hamburg Sand Map 001-b.jpg72 400 Hamburg Sand Map 002.jpg72 400 Hamburg Sand Map 003-b.jpg72 400 Hamburg Sand Map 004-b.jpg72 400 Hamburg Sand Map 005-b.jpg72 400 Hamburg Sand Map 006-b.jpg72 400 Hamburg Sand Map 007-b.jpg72 400 Hamburg Sand Map 008-b.jpg

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