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September and October 2011 on the barge Caesar / information center of the Elbe-Yamuna project at the Sandtor port, HafenCity, Hamburg:

The exhibition "Free River Zone"

A permanetly changing exhibition within the exhibition architecture by Anna Möller, with works by Ravi Agarwal, Bob Braine, Andreas Eschment, Peter Fend, Klara Hobza,
Florian Hüttner, Ines Lechleitner, Jochen Lempert, Daniel Maier-Reimer, Nils Norman, Nana Petzet, Patrick Rieve, Daniel Seiple, Malte Urbschat, and Ralf Weißleder.

Daily guided tours, from Wednesday to Sunday at 1 p. m. and on appointment. No fee.

On 18 October Ravi Agarwal installed in the exhibition videos and photographs of the river Yamuna by Ravi Agarwal, Atul Bhalla, Sheba Chhachhi and Vivan Sundaram.

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Exhibition chronology:

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Gradual beginning of the exhibition early September 2011 with the video "Missis Sippi" by Daniel Seiple and works by Ravi Agarwal, Peter Fend, Florian Hüttner,
Ralf Weißleder and Nils Norman.

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Anna Möller, No title, 2011 (plywood, varnish/ Elbe water, different Indian newspapers)

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Nils Norman, The Gerrard Winstanley Radical Gardening Space Reclamation Mobile Field Center and Weather Station (European Chapter)

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Video by Florian Hüttner in collaboration with Anna Gudjónsdòttir and Nils Norman, "The Gerrard Winstanley Radical ..."

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Bob Braine, Hamburg Sand Imaging Group

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Bob Braine, Two Waters

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Anna Möller, No title, 2011 (plywood, varnish/ Elbe water, different Indian newspapers)

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Bob Braine, Harlem River Duck Boat

72 1000 DSC 5390.jpg
Nana Petzet, fragments from the projekt Model Biotope Peutegrund

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On the left: Jochen Lempert, from: The Cormorants             In the middle: The River Elbe Near Dessau, 2007

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Mark Dion, Peter Fend, Dan Peterman: Ecologies (photograph: Michael Schinke)

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Jochen Lempert: Water Strider from the Barge Caesar

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Daniel Maier-Reimer, The River Elbe Near Dessau, 2007

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Bob Braine, Elbe River Personal Research Vessel

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In the foreground: Bob Braine, Six concepts for boats             On the wall: David Brooks, Pareidolia: When Flags Become Clouds and Clouds Become Fish

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On the left: Andreas Eschment, Dystopia I               In the middle: Peter Fend, Elbe Gas             On the right: Daniel Seiple, Missis Sippi

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Andreas Eschment, Dystopia I: The Destruction of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall in Hamburg in the Great Fire of 29 May 2019

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Peter Fend, Elbe Gas

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Peter Fend, Elbe Gas             Video: Florian Hüttner and Ralf Weißleder, Peter Fend, Elbe Gas

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Klara Hobza, Diving Through Europe

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Hille von Seggern & Timm Ohrt, Invitation to an Individual Elbe=Yamuna Expedition in the Elbe Region of Hamburg

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Rieve, Urbschat, Wehrmann vs. Eventlabs, Kaispeicher A, 2002

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Opening of the exhibition no. 3 on 18 October

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Vivan Sundaram, Flotage on the Yamuna (Video)

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Video on the left: Vivan Sundaram, Flotage on the Yamuna. In the middle at the bottom: Jochen Lempert, Nuphar (posters to take away).
Video projection: Sheba Chhachhi, The Water Diviner. On the right: poster workshop for the Free River Zone.

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Monitor: Atul Bhalla, Yamuna Walk

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Ravi Agarwal, Two Landscapes (Elbe)

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Atul Bhalla: Sticker (II/II)

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Ravi Agarwal, Two Landscapes (Yamuna)

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Atul Bhalla, Sticker (I/II)

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Navjot Altaf, Empty Containers

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Ines Lechleitner, Free River Associations, showcase, 2011

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Behind the bar: Rieve, Urbschat, Wehrmann vs. Eventlabs, Kaispeicher A, 2002

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